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Care Package for Your Boyfriend: What to Include

by Justin Christianson January 23, 2023 3 min read

Valentines Day Cheese box with four varieties of gourmet cheeses, jam, and caramel bites.

Long-distance relationships can be trying. Cheese Brothers can help you show the special man in your life that you're thinking of him with some ideas for care packages for a boyfriend — including easy options for shipping long-distance. 

Long-distance relationships are more common than you might think, and weathering the distance can lead to a lasting and fulfilling relationship. At least 57% of long-distance relationships last, and more than 30% were able to close the distance over time, according to a survey of 1,814 people who had been in this type of relationship. 

Keeping romance alive when couples are separated by the miles is difficult. But being apart while attending college or fulfilling job duties is only a brief stage in a relationship. Many couples start their long-distance journey by chatting numerous times throughout the day and keeping their partner informed about their comings and goings. But constant communication is not sustainable, and over time, it is only natural to chat less. 

To keep the sparks flying, have faith in your relationship, trust your significant other, and give your partner the space they need during this new stage in their life. Make sure to video chat on a regular basis and make it a priority not to take your significant other for granted. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open about your relationship and continue putting effort into it, even if it is from a distance. One way to show the object of your affection that you are thinking of them is to send a care package.

Ideas for a Care Package

A care package for your boyfriend doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. There are many great ideas for care packages available for shipping online, or buy a box and fill it with thoughtful choices on your own. Let’s explore a few ideas for care packages for a boyfriend.

Snacks.Cheese Brothers enables you to ship all-natural, high-quality cheese snacks and goodies to your boyfriend’s doorstep to satisfy their taste buds. We offer a wide selection of Wisconsin cheeses and meats to allow him to build a delicious charcuterie board to enjoy when he entertains new colleagues or snack on while binging the latest series on Netflix. Our Valentine’s cheese board, “Love is Cheesy,” includes four blocks of different cheeses, such as Honey Sriracha Gouda, Dill Havarti, and Smoked Gouda, as well as a jar of cherry lavender jam and caramels from Sugar Wood of Cumberland, Wisconsin.

Cheese Brothers launched in 2015. Co-founder Eric Ludy’s great-grandfather was a Swiss cheesemaker, and his family has been making cheese in Wisconsin since 1919, when they opened their first factory. Our orders are generally shipped within three business days. Cheeses are vacuum sealed to preserve freshness, and if the temperature is below 60 degrees, we ship in an insulated box with ice packs to prevent melting.

Self-care.Pamper your boyfriend with a care package filled with thoughtful items designed to help them look their best when you can’t be there to help them find matching socks. Head to your nearest big-box store and fill a basket with products to pamper your boyfriend, such as handmade, all-natural soap or beard-care solutions. Self-care kits for men are also available with just a few clicks online. 

Home-cooked meal.When your boyfriend is far from home, home-cooked meals are few and far between. Order a delicious meal for your boyfriend to remind him of the dinners you share when you’re together. You can send him a recipe for his favorite dinner or eliminate the guesswork and sign him up for a meal delivery kit service.

Sweet treats.Whether you send care packages for a boyfriend filled with homemade goodies or order a box of cookies for delivery, a sweet treat is a surefire way to make your boyfriend smile. 

Movie night.Spending an evening alone can be a drag. Surprise your boyfriend with a movie night to raise his spirits. Send him a care package with his favorite movie treat and include a movie rental code he can use to stream a movie straight to his living room.

Greeting card.Sometimes, simplicity is key. Show your boyfriend you care by sending a greeting card with a humorous or sentimental message. Sign it, add a stamp, and your work is done!

Where to Shop for Boyfriend Care Packages

The mission of Cheese Brothers is to share the love of Wisconsin cheese. Our cheeses and specialty meats make thoughtful care packages for a boyfriend. Shop cheese and gift bundles to find the perfect flavors for your main squeeze when they are far from home.

Justin Christianson
Justin Christianson

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