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The Best Get-Well Soon Gifts

by Justin Christianson January 16, 2023 4 min read

Get Well Soon cheese box with five blocks of gourmet Wisconsin cheese, honey, and sausage.

Send love and well wishes with a care package for a sick friend. Cheese Brothers helps explore get-well gifts for after-surgery care and recovery. 

Feeling under the weather is not fun. Enduring a long healthcare journey is a hardship and staying positive is difficult. At least one-third of people who suffer from a chronic illness experience symptoms of depression, according to Cleveland Clinic. Worrying about a diagnosis and isolation can heighten feelings of sadness. Even if your loved one is simply recovering from surgery or laid up with a broken bone, being sidelined from everyday activities can be a drag. Having a positive support system speeds up the road to recovery and provides a welcome relief. 

Get-well gifts aren’t only great ideas for people who’ve had a hospital stay. In the United States, flu season typically peaks between December and February, according to the Centers for Disease Control. With temperatures dropping, cold and flu season is kicking into high gear, and COVID is still a threat. If people are stuck at home isolating themselves to prevent the spread of illness, a get-well gift will break up the monotony.

Share the Love with Caregivers

As you prepare a get-well gift, don’t neglect the caretakers. Being responsible for the care of an ill loved one is a heavy burden. The highs and lows of caregiving are exhausting, and take an emotional and physical toll. 

Put a smile on a caregiver’s face by including a token for them in your get-well package, such as a gift card for food delivery or a massage. If they like to snack, we have gifts to lift someone’s spirits. Our charcuterie boxes are a handy solution for a quick bite. We also have grab-and-go items that are perfect snacks for the hospital or between doctor’s visits. We offer both string cheese and individually-packaged gourmet cheese snack sticks. Freshly made cheese curds from the heart of Wisconsin are also great for snacking. All our cheeses are made by small Wisconsin cheese producers who use rBST-free milk from family farms, and the complementary items in our gift boxes, such as crackers and jam, are from small businesses and artisans like us. 

Finding the Ideal Get-Well Gift

Finding a heartfelt way to help someone who is sick is tricky. Many of the options to show someone you care depend on your proximity and schedule. If you live nearby, volunteering to help prepare a meal or offering to babysit is always useful. Having someone to handle laundry, yard work, and pet care can be a welcome relief to the patient, particularly if they are enduring a long hospital stay. Simply being available for a quick phone call or short visit will do wonders to raise spirits. 

If you live far away, letting someone know you care requires a bit more creativity. Sending them positive vibes will elevate their mood and break up the monotony of recovery. Flowers or a card is a nice gesture that will not go unnoticed, but we’ve got some other creative ideas that are sure to please. 

Take a look at some of our top get-well gifts for loved ones who not feeling at the top of their game. 

  • Cozy loungewear.One of the perks of being sick is spending the day in your pajamas. But if you are coping with long-term illness, combining comfort and style is key. Cozy loungewear is the answer.
  • Sound machine. Rest is usually the best medicine. If the house is full of noisy distractions, getting some shut-eye can be hard. A sound machine will eliminate outside noise and help your loved one catch some Zs.
  • Snacks.Having easy, ready-to-eat snacks can help someone conserve energy when they want a quick nibble. Our “Hope You’re Feeling Cheddar Soon” gift box is a thoughtful get-well gift the recipient can enjoy right away or look forward to when they are on the mend. Our cheese comes vacuum sealed and can be stored in the refrigerator unopened for long periods of time. The gift box includes five blocks of cheese, a jar of seasonal honey, salami, and a fun-sized honey dipper.
  • A good book.Getting lost in a good book can help pass the time and serve as a perfect distraction. Now is not the time for “Moby Dick” or “War and Peace.” Choose an engaging, easy-to-read bestseller.
  • Dinner delivery.Even if you can’t deliver a home-cooked meal, there are many meal delivery options to get the job done. Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub will allow your loved one to order a meal of their choice from a local restaurant. Meal delivery kits from companies like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron arrive with all the ingredients to make cooking dinner a breeze.
  • Tea.Herbal tea is a comforting, healing tonic for many people suffering from illness. It’s an all-natural beverage to enjoy when a nightcap is not on the menu. Tea shops offer a variety of blends, depending on a person’s symptoms. Add a nice tea ball and mug and your get-well gift is complete.

Shop Cheese Gifts & Bundles

Our cheeses and specialty meats make thoughtful get-well gifts when times are tough. Shop cheese and gift bundles to find the perfect flavors to show you care.

Justin Christianson
Justin Christianson

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