General Information

You’re already there! We do not have a physical store and do all of our business through our website. If you are having trouble ordering online, you can call us at 715-641-1085 or email us at talk@cheesebros.com 

All of our orders are packaged and shipped from our warehouse in Barron, WI.

We offer a specialty door-to-door cheese service that comes with some extra costs that are reflected in our pricing. Shipping a perishable item cross-country requires ice, insulation, and boxes. To offset this, we regularly offer sales and promotions to reward our current and future customers for their patronage! To stay up to date on current promotions, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

We almost always have a deal!

We do not have a paper catalog. Our inventory is small, and our seasonal and limited quantity items would make a paper catalog unreliable. Not to mention that you might miss out on a big sale! Our website will always have our current inventory, prices, and offers. If you have a question about ordering, just reach out to our excellent Customer Service Team!

All the cheeses we sell are listed on our website. This includes sold out items, which will still be listed as “out of stock”. When we release new cheeses, we notify our mailing list and post on our social media pages. To be one of the first to learn about new products,follow us on social media!

Cheese curds are fresh pieces of cheese collected before it is dried and pressed into larger pieces. They have a mild, fresh, salty taste and high moisture content. You can eat them plain as a snack, deep fry them, or cook with them. Our curds are made from fresh cheddar.

All new customers are eligible to redeem a Free Mystery Cheese with their first order. The offer will be sent to the email and/or phone number that you signed up with. The email will contain a link to the free item, which can then be added to your cart. When you are done shopping, make sure that the Free Mystery Cheese is in your cart when you check out.

Questions About Your Order

If there is a problem with your order, please respond to your email confirmation as soon as possible. If you do not have a confirmation email, please email talk@cheesebros.com with as much information as possible about your order such as the Order Number and the name and address used to order. If your order has not yet been fulfilled, we may be able to make changes. We cannot make any changes to an order after it has been fulfilled.

Good news! Although our cheese is a perishable product, it does not need to be kept chilled throughout the shipping process. If temperature is a concern, we will ship your order with ice packs. Just make sure to refrigerate any perishable items upon arrival!It is normal for the cheese to arrive warm or at room temperature. The only way the cheese becomes dangerous to eat is if it has grown mold or spoiled. If the cheese has been left warm for too long during shipping, you will notice an orangey/yellow sheen on the outside upon arrival that doesn’t go away when the cheese is chilled. This doesn’t affect the safety of the cheese, but it does impact the taste. If any part of your order arrives damaged or spoiled, please contact us so that we can arrange a replacement.

Our cheese is a hearty product that does not need to be shipped with ice if the temperature remains below 60 degrees Fahrenheit during shipping. If your cheese is melted or spoiled, please contact us with your order information and pictures of the affected products.

Our blocks of cheese will last 8-12 months unopened in the refrigerator if they are refrigerated upon arrival. They should not be frozen as it can ruin the texture and taste. The big exception is our cheese curds. Curds are good unopened in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks but can be safely frozen due to their high moisture content. Cheese curds can be frozen for 2-3 months.

If you notice a white buildup on any of our smoked and aged cheeses, don’t worry! It’s not mold. What you are seeing is calcium lactate, a salt that naturallyrises to the surface of cheese during the natural aging process. It doesn’t have much of a taste but can sometimes be a little salty or crunchy. It is completely safe to eat! Mold is usually blue or green and will be more localized in shape. If you aren’t sure if what you are seeing is calcium lactate or mold, contact us and our cheese experts will help you out. Please include a picture if possible so that we can help you more efficiently.

We shipWisconsin Cheese of The Month Club orders the second Monday of every month. Single purchases of the club also follow this rule. The first order for the club always goes out the month following the purchase, as is described on product page here.If you need to give it as a gift before receiving the actual box, there is a printable flyer you can send the recipients or forward them in an email letting them know a subscription box is on its way.Here's a link to that PDF!

We cannot change the billing address after your order is placed, but don’t worry—as long as your payment went through, the address will have no impact on your order. No bill will be sent, because you have already paid. We do not send any pricing information or bills through the mail and we do not ship with receipts.

Ordering & Shipping

Most orders ship in 1-3 business days. Shipping time is contingent on location, weather, and day of the week. We ship out of Barron, WI to all fifty states. Because we are shipping perishable products, we work around weather delays, weekends, holidays, and other events that might cause delays. Once an item has shipped, it will take an additional 1-3 days to reach its destination. You will receive a confirmation email once tracking is available for your order.If your order has not shipped within 1-3 business days after purchasing, please contact us with your order number. For other questions about shipping, head over to ourShipping Page!

Orders cannot be split up to ship to multiple addresses. If you want to send gifts to multiple addresses, you will need to place a separate order for each shipping address.Orders to different addresses cannot be combined to redeem free shipping or other promotions.

In order to get the cheese listed on your Golden Ticket, you must first add the cheese to your cart and then put in the discount code at checkout to remove the price on that cheese. The code is listed on your golden ticket in all capital letters!

You can only use one discount code per order. If you have multiple discount codes or coupons, you are unable to stack them and can save extras for future orders. Reward vouchers are also included in this policy.However, if you need to replace your original coupon with one of greater value, you can remove the first one and replace it with the higher value coupon.

If you received a coupon from us that isn’t working, contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

Corporate and wholesale inquiries are handled over email. Please do not call our Customer Service line, as they will not be able to assist you with wholesale/corporate orders. Email us at sales@cheesebros.comand we will forward your inquiry to our Customer Success Manager.

We do not include payment information or monetized receipts in our packages. The packing slip will have shipping and product information but will not show the amount paid or the method of payment.

Starting in November, we offer the option to schedule Christmas orders. We make announcements on our social media pages and send an email to our newsletter announcing the option to schedule a Christmas Delivery. We offer holiday delivery for several other major holidays throughout the year, such as Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The best way to know about holiday shipping options is to keep an eye on our social media and sign up for our newsletter.


You can look up any individual product on our website using the search bar to see the nutritional information including any allergy warnings. If you have more specific questions, please contact us.

All of our hard cheeses except one are gluten-free, and so are our cheese curds. Trappiste Ale Washed Gouda is the only cheese we have that may have trace amounts of gluten due to the ale used during production.

Our Cheese Spreads are NOT gluten free. Of our non-cheese products our jams, salami, and caramels are all gluten free. We have the ingredients and nutritional informationof every product listed on the product page if you need anyadditional information. If you need to know the ingredients of a specific product in a gift box, justsearch that item on our website.

There is an “ingredients” tab on every individual product page.. For non-cheese products (meats, crackers, etc.) please refer to individual product page on our website, where we list nutritional information.

All of our cheeses are made with pasteurized cow’s milk. We only use rBST free milk from family farms in Wisconsin.We want everyone who works with us to be treated well, and that includes the cows! The farmers who provide the milk for our cheeses feel they have an ethical and moral obligation to be attentive to all aspects of their cows' health and well-being. They follow strict standards in how the cows are housed and treated.

All of our base cheeses are 100% vegetarian because they are made with vegetable rennet. This does not affect the nutritional value or taste of the cheese. The only non-vegetarian cheeses we offer have add-ins like bacon that are clearly listed in the product name, description, and nutritional label.

For a limited time, we also have two limited quantity cheeses that are made in a separate facility with animal rennet: Trappiste and Door County Duet.

Our cheese is not kosher certified, but all of our classic cheeses are made with vegetable rennet. Please reach out to talk@cheesebros.com if you have questions about specific products, so we can help you decide which cheeses meet your dietary needs! You can also click the "ingredients" tab on any individual product to see the ingredients.

We do not offer any low sodium or low-fat cheeses. Our lowest sodium cheese is our Wisconsin Gruyere with 130mg/serving. Most of our cheeses are closer to 170mg/serving. The fat content is on average about 9g/serving. We list the nutritional information for all our products on the individual product page. 

No, our cheeses are not shelf stable. The cheese should be kept in a cool, dry area consistently below 60°F to maintain its best taste and texture. Harder, older cheeses like the Rhapsody, Northwoods Parmesan, and 8-Year Aged Cheddar will keep a little longer outside the refrigerator because of their relatively low moisture content but should still be kept cold long-term.

Customer Service

Our customer service team can be reached by phone or email M-F during the hours of 8-4 CST. Email will always get a faster response time than a phone call, but our small team monitors both lines of communication during business hours. Please note that during the peak season, our hours may change. We will always update our voicemail to reflect any changes in our customer service hours. 

Phone: 715-226-9124 

Email: talk@cheesebros.com 

You will be assisted by a Cheese Brothers expert from our Customer Service team. Please only call or email once, and we will respond to you in the order that your message was received. 

Please visit Shipping Information - Cheese Brothers, Inc. (cheesebros.com) for details on our shipping policy. We typically avoid shipping over weekends and holidays to ensure a safe delivery of our cheese.