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Wisconsin Gift Ideas That Taste Like Home

by Justin Christianson January 30, 2023 3 min read

Charcuterie board with four packages of artisan Wisconsin cheeses.

Explore the perfect Wisconsin gift ideas for your friend who loves the midwestern state, including fresh cheese curds and other cheese gifts from Cheese Brothers.

The dairy state joined the union in 1848. Wisconsin’s early residents relied primarily on lead mining and farming. Dairy farms quickly became a central component of the state’s economy, and Wisconsin has been a top cheese producer in the United States since 1920, according to the Wisconsin Historical Society. The state’s rich heritage, natural wonders, and fanatic football fans help make Wisconsin a vacation destination. Featuring 800 miles of Great Lakes coastline, people flock to the state to enjoy ocean-like beaches, play golf at award-winning courses, ski, and experience the beauty of cheery trees in bloom.

Gifts from the Middle Coast

While some Wisconsin gift ideas can only be tasted by paying the state a visit, such as the signature Cream Puff sold each year at the state fair in Milwaukee County, many favorites are available for purchase online. If you have a friend with close ties to Wisconsin and want to get them a gift that reminds them of home, Cheese Brothers has some great options to explore.

Cheese. Treat your loved one to fresh cheese curds or several blocks of cheddar to bring back fond memories and delight their taste buds.

Immigrant farmers from Europe brought their cheese-making traditions to the state in the 1800s. Wisconsin’s rich pastureland made it the perfect location for dairy farming and cheese production. Owing to limited transportation, dairy farmers focused on cheese production because it had a longer shelf life than milk or butter. Today, cheesemakers in Wisconsin craft more than 600 different varieties of cheese. Wisconsin produced 3.47 billion pounds of cheese in 2021, according to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. 

Cheese Brothers was co-founded by Eric Ludy and Gene Graf in 2015. Ludy’s family started making cheese in Wisconsin in 1919 when his great-grandfather, a Swiss cheesemaker named Fred Ludy, opened the family's first cheese factory in Wisconsin. 

We offer an array of all-natural cheeses and cured meats, including fresh cheddar cheese curds — a Wisconsin favorite. Cheese Brothers sells classic cheeses, like sharp cheddar, gruyere, and fontina, as well as unique flavors, such as mango habanero gouda and smoked mozzarella. 

We know our customers have a lot on their plates, and we like to make snacking easier. Cheese Brothers offers a cheese subscription service and gift bundles for every occasion — birthday gifts, get-well treats, retirement tokens, and goodies for hungry new parents. 

Party planning is easy when you order one of our charcuterie boxes for delivery. The Charcuterie Box includes five blocks of cheese, black peppercorn garlic salami, and cherry lavender jam. 

Cheese Brothers perfected our shipping methods to ensure your cheese arrives in prime condition. We vacuum-seal our hard cheeses to make them safe for transport. If temperatures are above 60 degrees, we ship our products in an insulated box with ice packs to prevent melting.

Bratwurst.Green Bay, Wisconsin, is one of the top three cities for football fans, according to a survey conducted by WalletHub. Much to the delight of tailgaters, the state is also recognized for its high-quality bratwursts. Bratwursts originated from Germany and were brought to the state by immigrants who settled in the area. The sausages, which are typically made from pork in the United States, are available by mail from specialty butchers across the state. 

Kringle. If your friend prefers a sweet treat, a kringle is an ideal choice. The Danish pastry has layers of buttery dough filled with cheese, fruit, or nuts and is topped with icing. Kringles from Wisconsin often feature cherries, which are grown in the state. 

Shop Cheese Gifts & Bundles

For tasty Wisconsin gift ideas, whether you prefer mild cheese, sharp cheese or shredded cheese, take a look at the Cheese Brothers collection.

Justin Christianson
Justin Christianson

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