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Backpacking Cheese: Fuel For Your Next Adventure

by Justin Christianson March 13, 2023 3 min read

A variety of gourmet cheese snack sticks for backpacking trip.

Certain cheeses are convenient and nutritious, making them good hiking snacks. Discover the best cheeses for backpacking from Cheese Brothers, including convenient pre-packaged options.

Benefits of Hiking

Day hikes are an easy, affordable pastime. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes, a trail guide, a bottle of water, and some hearty snacks to give you energy on the trail. After you successfully conquer some short hikes, it’s time to get serious and give backpacking a try. 

Backpacking is an excellent form of exercise that can help improve cardiovascular health, build strength and endurance, and burn calories. It requires you to be self-sufficient, as you must carry everything you need with you. This can help build confidence and self-reliance. It’s also a cost-effective way to see the world because it eliminates the need for expensive accommodations and transportation.

Best Hiking Snacks

Discovering the right supplies to bring when you head out on a backpacking adventure is a matter of trial and error. Many seasoned hikers choose freeze-dried meals that are easy to fix at the end of a long day. Small packets of chicken and fish or instant mac and cheese are lightweight quick solutions. 

To stay on track and make good time, backpackers usually bring a variety of snacks and grab-and-go items to nibble on throughout the day. Staying hydrated and consuming adequate nutrition is important on the trail. Strenuous hiking and nature’s elements can be dangerous if a hiker isn’t getting enough calories. 

Hikers rely on protein bars, trail mix, and peanut butter to provide sustenance. Cheese and cured meats are other high-protein, filling options to eat to refuel. Cheese Brothers has a variety of all-natural, grab-and-go backpacking cheese choices that are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. We offer Wisconsin string cheese and other cheese snack sticks in a variety of flavors, including Rhapsody Cheese Snack Sticks, 8-Year Aged Cheddar Cheese Snack Sticks, and Northwoods Parmesan Cheese Sticks. Our cheese sticks are individually wrapped crave-able snacks. We offer sampler packs of 15 or 30 sticks and tasty cured meats for extra flavor.

Each of our backpacking cheese options contains between 6 to 11 grams of protein to give you the energy you need to reach the next peak. Protein is essential to help the body recover after exercise. Protein helps rejuvenate and repair tired muscles, and it boosts the immune system, which can be important if you run into inclement weather. The average person should consume 50 to 175 grams of protein each day, according to the Mayo Clinic. Because backpackers are participating in strenuous exercise, they need to consume extra protein.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Experiencing the beauty of the great outdoors is a beloved pastime for many Americans. Whether camping from the comfort of an RV or roughing it in a hammock under the stars, spending time in nature is good for the body and soul. 

At least 311 billion people visited United States national parks in 2022, and 13 billion stayed overnight at park campgrounds and hotels, according to the National Park Service. The top three most visited national parks are Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Zion National Park. 

Hiking allows people to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some peace and quiet in the woods. Many avid hikers relish the adventure. Hiking can provide a sense of excitement and thrill, especially if the path involves exploring new and unfamiliar terrain. It also creates a way for people to reconnect with nature and feel a religious or spiritual connection to the natural world. 

More than 3 million people hike parts of the Appalachian Trail in the eastern United States each year, and at least 3,000 people attempt to conquer the full 2,198.4-mile trek, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy reports.

Grab-And-Go Cheese

Visit Cheese Brothers before you hit the trail and get meats and cheese delivered to your front door. Our all-natural cheeses, jams, and specialty meats make excellent backpacking snacks for your next outdoor adventure.Shop string cheese and snack sticks to find backpacking cheese to satisfy your cravings on the go.

Justin Christianson
Justin Christianson

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