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"Cheese Sisters" Mystery Gift Box

Surprise yourself or a loved one with this collection of cheeses and locally-made treats, hand selected and curated by the Cheese Sisters. Who are the Cheese Sisters, you ask? They are our awesome team of hardworking women at the Cheese Brothers shipping center in Barron, Wisconsin! Over the years the Sisterhood has expanded into a small army of dedicated workers who share laughs and mountains of cheese orders.

  • This gift pack contains special items, seasonal favorites, and just plain ole' good cheese the Sisters have a soft spot for. Every month's box is a mystery, but trust that these ladies will make sure you enjoy every last bit!

    Each box will vary, but will include:

    • 5- 8 handpicked Wisconsin products, including Cheese Brothers cheese and other foods produced locally in the Dairy State
    • A "Cheese Sisters" insert describing the crew and explaining the contents of the box
    • A custom gift message from you to the recipient, should you opt to include one at checkout
    • Delightful surprises
  • Pictures for illustrative purposes only. Actual contents in the mystery box will vary. 

    Do you have a large order of 10 or more gift packs? Learn more about our large quantity gift package options at our Business Gifts page.


    • High Quality
    • All Natural
    • Made in Wisconsin
    • Never Processed
    • Milk Sourced from Small Wisconsin Dairies



    It guides everything we do. We believe in its power to foster good will among all, and we strive to prove it every day in our relationships with our customers, partners, team members, and community. Our mission is simple…build a new type of cheese company bonded by the brotherhood of cheese.


    Our cheese is made the same way since Eric’s Great Grandpa Fred came here from Switzerland in 1919 (though with a bit more fancy equipment). The milk comes in, cheese makers add the cultures, curd is formed, any seasonings are added, cheese is pressed into blocks and allowed to cure, usually for several months (or sometimes years for aged varieties). The cheese is then cut and wrapped, labeled, and shipped to your door.


    None of our products are ever processed or artificial in any way. Just good, old fashioned Wisconsin cheese. Milk is sourced from local family farms who care. Seasonings are always natural and simple, never artificial.


    We hate robotic, impersonal customer service, so we aim to be its antithesis.  We are here for any question you have and we love nothing more than a happy, satisfied customer! We never outsource customer service or take shortcuts here.