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Thanksgiving Care Package for Friends, Family, and Military

by Cheese Brothers October 04, 2022 3 min read

Thanksgiving Care Package for Friends, Family, and Military

Send a Thanksgiving care package to share the holiday with friends and family near and far. Cheese Brothers has some creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones from a distance, including options for military bases.

Gather and Give Thanks

Falling temperatures, shorter days, and the smell of pumpkin spice in the air are hallmarks of the upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving is a time for breaking bread with friends and family. Roasting turkey and bubbling cranberry sauce evoke the tastes and smells of the holiday. During Thanksgiving celebrations, we put busy schedules and daily distractions on hold to show appreciation for our loved ones, enjoy the bounty of a big meal, and have fun cheering on our favorite football teams. Taking part in the local turkey trot, attending a parade, and planning for Black Friday shopping are also on the agenda.

What began as a small celebration between American settlers and a group of Native Americans has evolved into one of the biggest holidays on the calendar. Last year, 53.4 million Americans were expected to hit the nation’s roads and airports for the Thanksgiving holiday, up 13% from 2020, according to AAA. High gas prices did not ground travelers. At least 90% were forecast to drive to their Thanksgiving destination.

Tips to Celebrate a Long-Distance Thanksgiving

If high travel costs, work commitments, or military service are keeping one of your loved ones away for Thanksgiving, there are steps you can take to show them you care.

Send a care package. One of the easiest ways to show a loved one you care is to send a gift. Cheese Brothers recommends ordering a tasty care package to send to a loved one who will miss out on the celebrations this year to enjoy around the holiday. It is hard to be away during the holidays. If one of your family members must miss out on the festivities due to work, military service, or college commitments, a care package can help alleviate loneliness. We offer high-quality, natural, and delicious Wisconsin cheese assortments and treats to share with those you love.

Our Holiday Banquet Gift Collection includes 10 of our favorite cheeses, including Rhapsody, our original Cheddar-Parmesan blend, and our 15-Year-Aged Cheddar. In addition, the collection features two 5.5-ounce gourmet salamis from La Quercia, a jar of Cherry Lavender Jam, and a box of organic artisan crackers.

The Spicy Cheese Lovers assortment features all four of our spicy cheeses, including Honey Sriracha Gouda and El Diablo Scorpion Pepper Gouda.

Cheese Brothers takes special care to ensure our cheese arrives promptly and is ready to eat. We generally ship our cheeses one to three business days after you place your order. Cheese Brothers vacuum-seals our hard cheeses to keep them safe for long periods under a variety of conditions and temperatures. If temperatures are at or below 60 degrees in the location where your shipment is being delivered, our cheese will arrive safely and in good condition without ice packs. If temperatures are above 60 degrees, we ship it in an insulated box with ice packs to prevent melting.

Send favorite recipes.Just because a family member can’t attend Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean they need to miss out on the delicious food. Gather your family’s beloved recipes and send them to your missing family member so they can recreate the holiday in their kitchen.

Schedule a video call.What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Perhaps your family goes around the table telling people what they’re thankful for before digging into the food. Set a time and video call your absent relative to allow them to continue the tradition and make them feel like they are part of the day.

In a similar vein, consider preparing a dish together virtually. Prep your ingredients, prop up your phone, and fix a pumpkin pie with your relative from afar.

Where to Shop for Thanksgiving
If you are ready to shop for Thanksgiving care packages from Cheese Brothers, put your fingers to work. Shop Cheese Gifts & Bundles online for delivery in time for the holiday.

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